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Prof. (Dr.) Nimai Chandra Saha

M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc.(FZS, FZSI, FZSB)
Fields of Study:
Zoology, Fisheries Sciences and Aquatic Toxicology, Ecology and Environmental Biology

2022: Fellow of the Zoological Society of Bangladesh (FZSB), for outstanding contribution in the field of Zoology
2018: Fellow of the Zoological Society of India (FZSI), for outstanding contribution in the field of Zoology
2016: Fellow of the Zoological Society (FZS) Calcutta, for outstanding contribution in the field of Zoology
2010: Certificate of Excellence by the Department of Zoology, Presidency College, Kolkata
2003: Fellow of Society of Environmental Sciences (F.S.E.Sc.) by The Society of Environmental Science, Dumka, India
1982: Merit Certificate for standing 1stClass 1stin M.Sc. Examination, University of Kalyani, India

The Vice Chancellor of University of Burdwan

Prof.(Dr.) Nimai Chandra Saha

The Vice-Chancellor,
The University of Burdwan

Members of Different Academic and Administrative Committees:
  • Member of the Senate/Court &Syndicate/Executive Council of different State aided Universities
  • Chairman/Member of the different academic & examination committees like BRS, PGBS, UGBS, Advisory Board of different universities and colleges
  • Chairman/Member of different important Committees constituted by Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of West Bengal
  • Member of different Committees of West Bengal College Service Commission
  • Chairman of an important section of Dept. of Science and Technology& Biotechnology, Govt. of West Bengal
  • Chairperson of the NAAC PEER TEAM, Bengaluru from October, 2017
Research Experience:
  • 37 Years of Research Experience
  • Research Guiding Experience: about 32 years
  • Number of Ph.D. completed scholar: 13
  • Number of Ph.D. Thesis Submitted: 1
  • Number of ongoing Ph.D. scholar: 8
  • Number of post doc fellow: 01
  • Number of current post doc fellow: 04
Major Contribution in Research:

During 37 years of research career, Prof. Saha's laboratory has contributed immensely in the areas of (a) aquaculture and fish breeding technology, (b) ecotoxicity and its bioremediation, and (c) study on probiotics. These discoveries hold tremendous potential towards environmental sustainability and cost-effective measures for aquaculture.

Vice-Chancellor's Office
Contact No.: 9051342474; 8617482954

Mailing Address

The University of Burdwan, Rajbati, Bardhaman - 713 104, West Bengal, India
Total Number of published articles: 166 (156 Research articles & 10 Book Chapters), 117 Publications in Last 5 years

List of Some Top 10 Research Articles:

  1. Mukherjee, D., Saha, S., Chukwuka, A.V., Ghosh, B., Dhara, K., Saha N.C., Pal, P. and Faggio, C., 2022. Antioxidant enzyme activity and pathophysiological responses in the freshwater walking catfish, Clarias batrachus Linn. under sub-chronic and chronic exposures to the neonicotinoid, Thiamethoxam®. Science of The Total Environment, p.155716. Impact Factor: 10.753
  2. Saha, S., Chukwuka, A.V.*, Mukherjee, D., Dhara K, Pal, P., Saha N.C.*, Physiological (haematological, growth and endocrine) and biochemical biomarker responses in air-breathing catfish, Clarias batrachus under long-term Captan® pesticide exposures. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology 2022 Feb;90:103815 *Corresponding Author. Impact Factor: 5.785; Citation: 2
  3. Das, K., Basak, M., Mahata, T., Kumar, M., Kumar, D., Biswas, S., Chatterjee, S., Moniruzzaman, M., Saha N.C., Mondal, K., Kumar P, Das P., Stewart A., Maity B. 2022. RGS11-CaMKII complex mediated redox control attenuates chemotherapy-induced cardiac fibrosis. Redox Biol. 57, 102487. Impact Factor: 10.7.
  4. Dhara, K., Chukwuka, A.V., Saha, S., Saha N.C. and Faggio, C., 2022. Effects of short-term selenium exposure on respiratory activity and proximate body composition of early-life stages of Catla catla, Labeo rohita and Cirrhinus mrigala. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology, 90, p.103805. Impact Factor: 5.785. Citation: 3
  5. Garai, P., Banerjee, P., Sharma, P., Bhattacharya, R., Chatterjee, A. and Saha N.C.*, 2022. Mechanistic insights to lactic and formic acid toxicity on benthic oligochaete worm Tubifex tubifex. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. *Corresponding Author. Impact Factor: 5.2
  6. Bhattacharya, R., Chatterjee, A., Chatterjee, S. and Saha, N.C*., 2022. Commonly used surfactants sodium dodecyl sulphate, cetylpyridinium chloride and sodium laureth sulphate and their effects on antioxidant defence system and oxidative stress indices in Cyprinus carpio L.: An integrated in silico and in vivo approach. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 29(20), pp.30622-30637. *Corresponding Author. Impact Factor: 4.3. Citation: 3
  7. Bhattacharya, R., Chatterjee, A., Chatterjee, S. and Saha N.C.*, 2021. Acute toxicity and sublethal effects of sodium laureth sulfate on oxidative stress enzymes in benthic oligochaete worm, Tubifex tubifex. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology, 243, p.108998. Impact Factor: 5.785. Citation: 3
  8. Bej S, Ghosh K, Chatterjee A, Saha N.C.*, Assessment of biochemical, hematological and behavioral biomarkers of Cyprinus carpio on exposure to a type-II pyrethroid insecticide Alpha-cypermethrin. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology. 2021 Oct; 87:103717. *Corresponding Author. Impact Factor: 5.785. Citation: 2
  9. Paul T, Saha N.C.*. Environmental arsenic and selenium contamination and approaches towards its bioremediation through the exploration of microbial adaptations: A review. Pedosphere. 2019 Oct. 29(5), 554-568. *Corresponding Author. Impact Factor: 5.514. Citation: 16
  10. Saha, S., Chukwuka, A.V., Mukherjee, D., Dhara, K., Saha N.C.* and Faggio, C.*, 2022. Behavioral and physiological toxicity thresholds of a freshwater vertebrate (Heteropneustes fossilis) and invertebrate (Branchiura sowerbyi), exposed to zinc oxide nanoparticles (nZnO): A General Unified Threshold model of Survival (GUTS). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology, (In press). *Corresponding Author. Impact Factor: 4.52
Research Citations:

Last 5 year (Since 2017):Citations: 692 h-Index: 16i10- index: 23

Academic & Administrative Experiences
Name of the UniversityName of the Vice-Chancellor Date of last Joining as Vice-ChancellorQualification and Experience
Name of the post (Lecturer/ Sr. Lecturer/ Reader / Assistant Prof./Associate Prof./Professor/Dean/ Registrar (including additional charge if any) Period of service
The University of BurdwanProf. (Dr.) Nimai Chandra Saha26.02.2021Lecturer in Zoology (WBES): A.B.N. Seal College, Cooch Behar, West Bengal.15.06.1985 to 03.07.1989
Lecturer in Zoology (WBES): Jhargram Raj College, Jhargram, West Bengal07.07.1989 to 04.12.1992
Assistant Professor (Senior Scale) in Zoology (WBES): Jhargram Raj College, Jhargram, West Bengal05.12.1992 to 14.06.1998
Reader in Zoology (WBES): Jhargram Raj College, Jhargram, West Bengal15.06.1998 to 05.04.1999
Reader in Zoology (WBES): Presidency College, Kolkata, West Bengal07.04.1999 to 31.05.2002
Principal: Haringhata Mahavidyalaya, Haringhata, Nadia, West Bengal (On Lien)01.06.2002 to 17.11.2003
Reader in Zoology (WBES): Presidency College, Kolkata, West Bengal18.11.2003 to 10.08.2005
Principal (WBSES): Jhargram Raj College, Jhargram, West Bengal11.08.2005 to 13.01.2009
Principal (WBSES): Krishnagar Govt. College, Krishnagar, Nadia, West Bengal14.01.2009 to 04.10.2010
Professor and Head (WBSES): P.G. Dept. of Zoology, Barasat Govt. College, West Bengal05.10.10 to 22.07.2013
Professor and Additional Director of Public Instruction (WBSES), Education Directorate, Bikash Bhavan, Government of West Bengal23.07.2013 to 31.12.2014
Professor and Director of Public Instruction as Additional duty (WBSES)09.10.2014 to 31.12.2014
Professor and Director of Public Instruction (WBSES), W.B., Education Directorate, Bikash Bhavan, Government of West Bengal 01.01.2015 to 31.10.2016
Vice-Chancellor, The University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India01.11.2016 to 25.02.2021
Vice-Chancellor, The University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India26.02.2021 to Till date

List of Vice-Chancellors
01SHRI SUKUMAR SEN, ICS (RETD.)15.06.196031.08.1960
02SHRI BRAJA KANTA GUHA, ICS (RETD.)01.09.1960 31.08.1965
03DR DHIRENDRA MOHAN SEN01.09.196509.03.1969
04PROFESSOR PARAM NATH BHADURI10.03.1969 31.08.1969
11PROFESSOR DILIP KUMAR BASU31.07.199631.07.2000
12PROFESSOR AMIT KUMAR MALLIK01.08.200030.04.2008
13PROFESSOR SUBRATA PAL01.05.200815.12.2011
14DR. SHOROSHIMOHAN DAN16.12.201115.06.2012