The University of Burdwan

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Learning Leads To Emancipations

  1. Schedule of B.A. Hons Sem-IV Exam 2019 in Mass communication & Journalism
  2. Notification regarding Post Publication Review of B.P.Ed Semester-I Exam 2018
  3. Schedule for B.Sc. Hons Sem-IV Practical Examination 2019 in Psychology CC-8
  4. Regarding Enrolment Fees & Forms of Special B.Ed/Special B.P.Ed/B.P.Ed for Session 2019-2021
  5. Post Publication Review of B.P.Ed. Sem-III Examination, 2018 & Sem-IV Examination, 2019
  6. Programme for B.Sc Hons Sem-IV Practical Examination in Biotechnology (Paper: CC-8), 2019
  7. Revised Practical Programme of B.Sc Sem-IV Hons Practical Examination 2019 in Physics (Paper-VIII)
  8. Programme of B.A/B.Sc General Semester-IV Practical Examination 2019 in Geography (Paper:SEC-II)
  9. Notification for UG CBCS of 1st Sem Exam 2019 (B.A,B.Sc, B.Com) (Hons and Gen)
  10. Programme for B.Com. Sem-IV Hons Exam., 2019 in Computer Application in Business (Practical CC-9)
  11. Programme for B.Sc. Sem-IV (Hons) Practical Exam-2019 in Anthropology
  12. Schedule of BCA Hons Part-I Examination 2019
  13. Programme for B.A. Music Honours (Paper-CC 10) Sem- IV Practical Examination, 2019
  14. Submission of Form to convert from Honours to Pass
  15. Programme for B.Sc Sem-IV Physics Hons (Paper-VIII) Practical Examination, 2019
  16. Regarding Enrollment form of B.B.A. (Hons), B.B.A. (T & H), B.C.A. Hons, B.Sc Hons In Biotechnology & Biochemistry (Session 2019-2021)
  17. Programme for B.Sc. Part-II Physics (H) Practical Examination-2019
  18. Circular For Registration /Restoration : B Ed Course 2019-21
  19. Revised Centre List for UG Part-I (Hons & Gen) Exam-2019
  20. Notification for rescheduled programme of UG Part -I Hons. and Gen Exam, 2019