1. Short Tender Notice for Supply of LAPTOP and PRINTER (Tender No:- F/CPC/7(17-18)/31 Dated, 21.06.18)

  2. Tender Ref. No. VI-86/86-87/220/1(05), Dated 19.06.2018

  3. Tender Ref. No. Engg. VI-86/86-87/221-1(04), Dated 19-06-2018

  4. Tender Ref. No.: R-S/E-35/116_R1 Dated, 18/06/2018 (Prof. Anupam Basu, Principal Investigator)

  5. Tender Ref. No. Zoo/BU/ 2018/Tender/Museum/AMB/03 Dated: 18/06/2018

  6. Tender Ref. No. Zoo/BU/ 2018/Tender/AMB/02 Dated: 18/06/2018

  7. Tender Ref. No. Zoo/BU/ 2018/Maintenance of Equip/01 Dated: 18.06.2018

  8. Tender Ref. No BU/ PKC/Physics/ PKC/Physics/DST (Govt. of W.B.)/ Memo No. 292(Sanc.) /ST/P /S&T/16G-28/2017 /Source Meter Dated, 12.06.2018

  9. Tender Ref. No BU/ PKC/Physics/DST (SERB)/EMR/2017/000832/VNA Dated, 12.06.2018

  10. Tender Ref. No BU JPK/Botany/MoEF&CC/ TC Dated 12.06.2018

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