1. Notification No. R-S/N-1/95 Dated 11-10-2017

  2. Dr R. Mahapatra, Dy. C.E., B.U. is entrusted to act as SPIO in regard to examination related matters

  3. Notification : Informed of all concerned to the Univ. Emp. (In-Service.) who already received Service Book in recent past are requested to return the same to Reg. Establishment Sec. at an early date.

  4. Notification Regarding Swastha Sathi

  5. Swami Vivekananda Merit-cum-means Scholarship Scheme

  6. Notification Regarding Order of Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal

  7. Regulation Regarding the Prices of Coronary Stents of Govt. of India

  8. Notice No. BVCS/Vice-Patron/2016-17/02 Dated 04.01.2017

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