• Examination Notice for Under-Graduate Courses
    1. Revised Centre List of BBA, BBA(T&H), BCA, B.Sc Honours in Bio-Tech & Bio-chem Part-III Examination-2019

    2. Revised Programme for BBA, BBA(T&H), BCA, Bio-tech & Bio-chem Part-III(H) Examination-2019

    3. Revised Notification of BBA/BBA(T&H )/BCA/B.Sc. in Bio-Tech & Bio-chemistry, Part-III Examination-2019

    4. Programme for B.A. (Honours) Semester-III Paper-VI Practical Examination, 2018 in Music

    5. Programme for B.A. (Honours) Semester-III Paper-VII Practical Examination, 2018 in Music

    6. Revised Centre List of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.Part-III (Honours) Examination, 2019

    7. Revised Centre List of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Part-III (General) Examination, 2019

    8. Centre List of BBA, BBA(T&H), BCA, B.Sc in Bio-tech, Bio-chem, Part-III(Honours) Examination, 2019

    9. Programme for BBA, BBA(Tourism & Hospitality), BCA, Bio-tech, Bio-chem, Part-III(Honours) Examination, 2019

    10. Notification Regarding Fees & Forms Submission of BBA/ BBA(T&H)/ BCA/ B.Sc in Bio-tech & Bio-chem Part-III(Honours) Examination, 2019

    11. Programme for B.Sc. Semester-III (Honours) Practical Examination, 2018 in Biochemistry

    12. Programme for UG Part-III (Hons. & General) Examination-2019

    13. Programme of B.A./B.Sc Sem-III General Practical Examination 2018 in Geography CC-3

    14. Revised Programme for B.Sc Semester-III Hons. Practical Examinatiuons in Zoology Examinations 2018

    15. Programme for B.Sc. Semester-III Practical Examinations in Biotechnology 2018

    16. Programme for B.A./B.Sc. Semester-III (Honours) Practical Examination, 2018 in Geography CC6 (Unit-II)

    17. Programme for B.A./B.Sc. Semester-III (Honours) Practical Examination, 2018 in Statistic

    18. Notice for Post Publication Review of B.Sc. in Bio-Technology and Bio-Chemistry Semester-II Examination, 2018

    19. Schedule of BCA (Hons) Semester-I Examination-2018

    20. Notification Regarding Postponement of BFA Part-IV Exam-2019

    21. Post Publication Review of B.Ed. Semester-I & Semester-III (Spl Education) Hearing Impairement Examination, 2017

    22. Notice for PPR of B.Ed. Semester-II & Semester-IV (Special Education) Hearing Impairment Examination, 2018

    23. Centre List for UG (B.A.B.Sc.B.Com.) Part-III Honours Examination, 2019

    24. Centre List for UG (B.A.B.Sc.B.Com.) Part-III General Examination, 2019

    25. Programme for B.Sc. Semester-III (Honours) Practical Examination, 2018 in Zoology

    26. Notification Regarding Date of Submission of Fees and Forms for UG Part-III (Honours & General) Examination, 2019

    27. Revised Centre (Venue of Examination) List of B.Ed. Semester-I & Semester-III Examination, 2018

    28. Programme for B.Ed. & B.P.Ed. Semester-I and Semester-III Examinations, 2018

    29. Revised Programme for BFA Part-I, II, III, IV & DVA (Craft & Design) Examination, 2019

    30. Revised Programmes for 3-Year and 5-Yesr LLB (Honours) Examinations, 2018

    31. Programme for 3-Year LLB, 5-Year LLB Examinations 2018

    32. Notice Regarding Amendment of UG CBCS Regulation

  • Examination Notice for Post-Graduate Courses(Arts)
    1. Post Publication Review of B.P.Ed. Semester-II Examination, 2018

    2. Notification regarding Change of Examination Date of PG Dip in Yoga, Paper PGDYTH 101

    3. Programme for LLM Examination, 2018

    4. Programme for M.Ed. Semester-III Examination, 2018 (Session 2017-19) including Minor

    5. Schedule of M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. Semester-I Examinations, 2018

    6. M.Phil Final Examination, 2019

    7. Programme for MBA/MBA(HR)/MBA(Tourism) Semester-I & Semester-III Examinations, 2018

  • Examination Notice for Post-Graduate Courses(Science)
    1. Schedule of M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. Semester-I Examinations, 2018

    2. M.Phil Final Examination, 2019

  • Examination Notice under Distance Education
    1. Schedule of B.Ed. Part - II (ODL) Examination, 2018

    2. Schedule of M.Sc. Computer Science 3rd Semester Examination, 2017

  • Admission Notice for Under-Graduate Courses
    1. Postponement Notice of 3 years LL.B.(H) 2nd Counselling for the session 2019-2021

      1. Admission Notice under Distance Education
        1. Instructions Regarding Online Admission to B.Ed. Programme for the Academic Session: 2018-2020

        2. Instructions Regarding Online Admission To M.Sc. In Mathematics Programme For The Academic Session: Jan, 2019- Dec, 2020

              1. Academic Affairs
                1. NET/SET Classes in Philosophy

                2. Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) - 2011 of the IQAC

                3. Burdwan University RTI Act 2005

              3. Academic and Research Fellowships/Scholarships
                1. Provisional Results of Ph.D. Course Work Examination, 2018 in Computer Science

                2. Guidelines and FAQ for UGC Single Girl Child and University Rank Holders (1st and 2nd.) Scholarship 2018-19

                3. Swami Vivekananda Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship including Kanya Shree K-3 2018, Govt. of West Bengal



              5. Seminars/Conferences/Workshops
                1. One Day Lecture on Indian Values: Issues and Challenges Organized by the Swami Vivekananda Advance Research Centre for Value Education and Culture

                2. 10th ECONference 2019 International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Development Organized by the Department of Economics

                3. One Day National Level Seminar on Design, Synthesis, Characterization, Reactivity, Theoretical Study and Applications of Different Advanced Functional Materials

                4. Workshop on Research Methodology in Literature scheduled to be held from 05-03-19 to 11-03-19, is hereby CANCELLED

                5. Workshop on Higher Education Management and Administration scheduled to be held from 14-03-19 to 19-03-19, is hereby deferred till further order

                6. National Seminar on Recent Trends in Mathematical Sciences (RTMS-2019), organized by Department of Mathematics

              7. Professional Studies & Training Programmes
                1. Programme for PG Diploma in Guidance and Counselling Course Examination, 2018

                2. Programme for PG Diploma in Yoga (under Deptt of Lifelong Learning) Examination, 2019

                1. Notice for Employees
                  1. Mediclaim Members 2019-20

                  2. Corrigendum: Notification for Non-teaching Employees of this University to Submit Employee Particulars for Updating of Data-base

                  1. University News
                    1. Notice No. F/CPC/Rate Contract(18-19)/99 Dated, 14th December, 2018

                    2. Notification regarding Anti-Ragging

                    3. Notice and List of Items under Rate Contract

                    4. Burdwan University Alumni Association - Alumni News 2012

                  3. Tender Notice
                    1. Quotation for the Purchase of Various Items for the Department of Physics (Tender Notice No. SERBTARE-UGCFRPS/AR/BURPHYS/2019/REV_1 Dated, 25-03-2019)

                  5. College Related Affairs
                    1. Academic Calendar for B.Ed. Colleges 2018-2019

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